Trim Carpentry

Perhaps you’re wanting to freshen a room by replacing some dated molding. Maybe you need to take care of dry rot in your window sills. Or perhaps you’re remodeling a room and want to change the look by installing some wainscoting. A-1 Touch can take care of it.

Visual Interest


Types of Services

Adding visual interest

Trim carpentry, or finish carpentry, requires specialized training to install and repair molding and trim on windows, doors, baseboards, and mantels. We have over 20 years’ experience doing the fine finish work that makes all the difference when you remodel a room.

One way to make a great impact on any room’s appearance is to install decorative paneling, or wainscoting. An inexpensive alternative to tile, you can paint it any color, make it any height, and install it to look traditional and rustic, or sleek and cool. In addition to being ornamental, it is a great way to provide additional insulation and cover any wall damage.

We approach finish carpentry like a fine craft

A-1 Touch goes beyond plain carpentry services and applies an artisan touch. We can create different depths and profiles to create your own design for crown molding. For example, we can take standard a Colonial base and match it to a standard square stock base to achieve a unique profile for your crown molding. The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today for more information about our trim carpentry services. We’re happy to talk with you about the look you want. We always bring samples so you can see the materials yourself. It’s like putting together a puzzle – and the end result is something beautiful and uniquely yours!

We offer a variety of different trim styles

Contact us to discuss your trim needs.

• Beadboard

• Board and batten

• Flat panel wainscoting

• Raised panel wainscoting

• Ship lap


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