Copper Work

A copper roof is a statement. It displays old-world elegance through a material that will literally last for decades. It’s an evolving “look” that provides a feeling of permanence.

Pure craftsmanship blends both form and function for beautiful results – and that’s what you get from A-1 Touch.


Roofing & Repair

Types of Services

Specialty copper roof installation

When you adorn your home with something as beautiful and high-end as copper, it makes sense to have it installed by an experience professional who properly understands the material.

You don’t slap on copper quickly like you can with asphalt shingles – copper roofing requires skill and should be installed by a professional with years of experience and a deep appreciation for this element. For example, when caulking we don’t just use mortar; we use a sealant that can take the beating of the elements, expanding and contracting to stay in keeping with the life expectancy of metal.

Experienced services for copper roofing and repair

A-1 Touch specializes in copper roofing and repair. We can remove standard hip and ridge slates and replace with a custom copper cap. We can solder seams and nail down with copper nails, then solder nail heads. We also use a hidden pleat system to secure copper ridge caps.

We have been working with copper since the early 2000s and always take care to ensure the function is never compromised for the esthetic. Your roof is there to provide protection against the elements. We never forget the job it does is as important as its sumptuous appearance.

Our Services: Copper Roofs, Flashings, Gutters, Accessories

Contact us to help with all aspects of copper roofing and repair. Scroll through below Before & After pictures for examples of our work.

Copper Roofs

• Bay windows

• Dormers

• Ridge caps

• Valleys

Copper Flashings

• Counter flashing

• Chimney base caps

• Roof protrusions

• Step flashing

Copper Gutters

• Built-in box style

• Downspouts

• Downspout clean-outs

• Gutter guards

• Half round (6”)

• K style (5” and 6”)

• Tiburon style

• Wire strainers

Copper Accessories

• Cupolas

• Collector/conductor heads

• Decorative rain chains

• Dormer vents

• Finials

• Snow guards

• Weather vans

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