If you’ve been thinking about adding a fence, you might have been think about it doing it yourself. After all, how hard could it be?

Then you start considering the time it’s going to take: all those hours after a full day’s work, all those days that will morph into weeks as other things need your attention.



Types of Services

An experienced fencing contractor

A-1 has installed fences many times. They’re experienced building contractors who understand the technical aspects of building and carpentry services. When issues arise, they know how to handle them. They’re problem-solvers as well as craftsmen – the best possible combination.

Advantages of professional fence installation

A-1 Touch builders will build your fence your way. And by using an experienced, reliable contractor you can avoid a lot of the time lapse and headaches that come with DIY projects.

As you get into it, you start to puzzle over all the details:

• Should the fence be 5 inches off the ground or 10 inches?
• Do you measure from the ground up?
• Where do you put the middle rail?
• Should you do a half inch basting or a 1 inch basting for the dog ear panels?
• Is the wood you’re working with going to expand and contract properly?

There are a lot of little things that quickly add up to a bigger job than you originally thought.

We’ve worked with all styles of fence material

Contact us for an appointment and free quote.

• Wood fences

• PVC fences

• Aluminum fences

• Chain link fences

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