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There’s doing something and there’s doing it well. A-1 Touch owner Gary Blythe is a craftsman by trade as well as by inclination. He approaches every job with the eye of an artisan.

It’s an important distinction and no matter which crew is engaged on a project, Gary is involved – assessing, estimating, and personally overseeing the work.




Carpentry craftsmanship with a special focus on copper work

Having always enjoyed building, Blythe discovered his particular passion for detail work under the apprenticeship of a roofer who specialized in copper, slate, and tile.

He learned how to make sure the roof functions correctly first, then addressing the aesthetics. Having worked a lot with copper, he also understands the material very well and how it should be applied.

For example, you can take cut and bend a piece of counter flashing to fit a mortar joint and it looks like a piece of metal on a brick. However, by taking one side and giving it a quarter-inch bend, it hugs the brick to keep the water out. It’s still up against the brick, but the bend changes the look in an eye-pleasing way.

A true craftsman understands how to achieve a different look while keeping the same functionality.

The roof is foremost there to do its job of protecting the house. Once you get that correct, then you can alter it to look good as well.
Gary Blythe


I make sure we put a personal touch into each project, because it’s personal to me. 

Gary Blythe


Experience, detail, and the personal touch

With over 20 years in business, Blythe and his team at A-1 Touch have done a wide range of interior and exterior carpentry – and he takes pride in every job they do.

The local builder who lives in your community

Locally owned and operated, A-1 Touch serves greater Indianapolis and the west metro area. Respected in the community, they respect the homes in it. A-1 Touch works hard to make home improvement an art.

Our reputation is what we leave behind in our work after the job is done – a signature that lingers.

Gary Blythe


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