Room Additions

Perhaps your household is growing and you need another bedroom, or a guest room. Perhaps you want to create a recreational space for the kids or entertaining. Maybe it’s time you added on to your garage as more cars appear in your driveway. Or maybe you simply want to add a dormer so there’s more light in the attic.



Types of Services

We can do your room addition the right way

With over 20 years in the business, the builders at A-1 Touch understand both the architectural and aesthetic requirements for a pleasing room addition. We know the building codes and safety requirements for your wiring and plumbing. We know how to correctly install proper ventilation to avoid mold growth, which poses a danger to your health as well as your home.

Other interior carpentry services

From putting in custom time to trim carpentry to flooring, A-1 Touch treats each interior project with experienced skill and meticulous care. We offer flooring installation for carpet, laminate, wood, and tile. We do interior and exterior painting – quickly and safely.

Many companies may focus exclusively on aesthetics, but A-1 Touch builders always consider function as well as form. We’re all about the whole job – doing it right and doing it well.

If you’re considering a room addition, contact A-1 Touch. Let’s talk about how building on can build you up!

We offer several options for adding onto your house

Contact us to discuss your vision for your additions.

There are many reasons for room additions – and it’s important to get the right builder on the job. A-1 Touch will add your bedroom, sunroom, rec room, or garage – and make sure it fits beautifully as a natural extension of your home.

• Bedroom

• Sunroom

• Rec Room

• Garage

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